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Rechargeable Headlamp, 8 LED Headlamp Flashlight 8 Modes with White Red Lights USB Cable, Waterproof Head Lamp

Short Description:

  • Material: Aluminum+Plastic
  • Bulp Type: 2T6+4XPE+2COB
  • Output Power: 450Lumens
  • Battery: 2x18650 Lithium Battery(excluded)
  • Function: one button: 2 COB High-2 COB Low-2 COB Red on-2 COB Red flash; another button: 2 T6 LED on-4 XPE LED on-6 LED on-6 LED flash; red on-red flash in battery holder
  • Feature: USB Charging
  • Product Size: 94*49*48mm
  • Product Net Weight: 149g
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    The led headlamps has modes LEDs all on and Strobe etc. The rear red indicator light on the battery pack, can alert people at the back, providing extra security and safety in the dark. USB charging cable enables you to recharge with PC, Laptop, Power Bank, Car Charger, Wall Adapter, etc,Very convenient.
    LED headlamps works as a flood light at your head, light up the whole region. Pretty, freaking powerful Lightweight and waterproof:Design for camping, hiking, outdoor and indoor work. This head lamp isn’t just tough, it’s also designed for maximum comfort.

    You can manually adjust the headlamp lighting mode in any brightness mode, including main lighting-side lighting-six lighting-six flashing-COB strong light-COB weak light-COB red light-red light flashing, to meet personalized lighting needs. In addition, the headlamps adopt designs such as a rear battery box headlamp and a split battery box headlamp, which can utilize the temperature of the mountaineer to keep the battery warm and improve battery life. The split type battery box can also reduce the weight on the mountaineer's head.



    • 10 years exporting & manufacturing experience
    • IS09001 and BSCI Quality System Certification
    • 30pcs Testing Machine and 20pcs Production Equiment
    • Trademark and Patent Certification
    • Different Cooperative customer
    • Customization depend on your requirement

    How we work?

    • Develop(Recommend ours or Design from yours)
    • Quote(Feedback to you in 2days )
    • Samples(Samples will be sent to you for Quality inspection)
    • Order(Place order once you confirmed Qty and delivery time,etc.)
    • Design(Design and make suitable package for your products)
    • Production(Produce the cargo depend on the customer’s requirement )
    • QC(Our QC team will inspect the product and offer the QC report)
    • Loading(Loading ready stock to client’s container)

    Quality Control

    We have different testing Machines in our lab. Ningbo Mengting is ISO 9001:2015 and BSCI Verified. QC team closely monitors everything, from monitoring the process to conducting sampling tests and sorting out defective components. We do the different tests to ensure that products meet the standards or the requirement of purchasers.

    Lumen Test

    • A lumens test rates the total amount of light emitted from a flashlight in all directions.
    • In the most basic sense, a lumen rating measures the amount of light emitted by a source on the inside of a sphere.

    Discharge Time Test

    • The lifespan of the flashlight's battery is the unit of inspection for battery life.
    • The flashlight's brightness after a certain amount of time has passed, or the "Discharge Time," is best depicted graphically.

    WaterProof Testing

    • The IPX rating system is used to quantify water resistance.
    • IPX1 — Protects against water falling vertically
    • IPX2 — Protects against water falling vertically with component tilted up to 15 deg.
    • IPX3 — Protects against water falling vertically with component tilted up to 60 deg
    • IPX4 — Protects against water splashing from all directions
    • IPX5 — Protects against jets of water with little water permitted
    • IPX6 — Protects against heavy seas of water projected with powerful jets
    • IPX7: For up to 30 minutes, submerged in water up to 1 meter deep.
    • IPX8: Up to 30 minutes submerged in water up to 2 meters deep.

    Temperature Assessment

    • The flashlight is left inside a chamber that can simulate varying temperatures for an extended period to observe any ill effects.
    • The temperature outside must not rise above 48 degrees Celsius.

    Battery Test

    • That's how many milliampere-hours the flashlight has, according to the battery test.

    Button Test

    • For both single units and production runs, you'll need to be able to press the button with lightning speed and efficiency.
    • The critical life testing machine is programmed to press buttons at various speeds to ensure reliable results.

    Company Profile

    About us

    • Established Year: 2014, with 10 years experience
    • Main Products: headlamp, camping lantern, flashlight, work light, solar garden light, bicycle light etc.
    • Main Markets: the United States,South Korea, Japan, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Chile, Argentina,etc

    Production Workshop

    • Injection Molding Workshop: 700m2 , 4 injection molding machines
    • Assembly Workshop:700m2 , 2 assembly lines
    • Packaging Workshop:700m2 , 4 packaing line, 2 high frequency plastic welding machines, 1 two-color shuttle oil pad printing machine.

    Our showroom

    Our showroom has many different kinds of products, such as flashlight, work light, camping lanter, solar garden light, bicycle light and so on. Welcome to visit our showroom, you may find the product you are looking for now.


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